About Ampersand Associates


Ampersand is here to rock

Ampersand was created to smartly rock business Transformation & Innovation, so that our customers become master of their transformation. The world is ever changing, and many organisations are unable to keep up.
Ampersand Associates aspire to bring awesome Transformation & Innovation capabilities to those who need it most. 

Flexibility for everyone

To create these flexible organisations, we bring automation, with a human touch, to the field of design and innovation management. And while we are at it, we facilitate close collaboration between human and robo-consultants. Design and Innovation management - two fields traditionally at odds with each other, are integrated and automated. Such a challenge we could not resist, as the benefits are mind-blowing: Large companies can achieve lasting flexibility and business transformation gets within reach of under-served small companies.

Science and experience

At the core of Ampersand is the digital robo-adviser Amper. She is founded on the experiences and expertise of seasoned design and innovation consultants, combined with years of in-depth research in business transformation, global and digital innovation, and design thinking. These qualities provide Amper with a solid start and she is learning new things all the time.

At present, we are focusing on developing our services for cleantech, medtech, some digitally enabled services and newtech in electro-mechanical products, as this is where the core of our experiences lies, for the time being.

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Ampersand Associates ApS

Address: Diplomvej 381, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Phone: +45 53 81 35 14
CVR / VAT: DK38816934
Mail: info@amper.dk